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Given an object like this:

var obj = {
                third:'hi there'

And a key like this "first.second.third"

How can I get the value of the nested object "hi there"?

I think maybe the Array.reduce function could help, but not sure.

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Yes, with Array.prototype.reduce you can get a sweet and short function:

function getNestedValue(obj, key) {
  return key.split('.').reduce(function (a, b) { return a[b]; }, obj);

getNestedValue(obj, "first.second.third"); // "hi there"

Some notes:

  • Array.prototype.reduce is part of the ECMAScript 5th Edition, is available on all browsers except IE, you can include an implementation from here.
  • Object property names might contain dots, if you build an object using the bracket notation e.g. obj['my.key'] = 'value';
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yup, just figured it out as you posted. thanks. – Scott Jun 16 '10 at 23:45
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Got it:

args.reduce(function(prev, current) {return prev[current];}, obj);
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