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I'm using the Drupal Quiz module, and have setup some basic quizzes and stuff like that. However some further customization is required, involving more than 1 question per page, and a multi-type answer in this type of format:

Question 1: Describe 4 things you did last summer a) [ short answer space - text field ] b) "I wept" c) "My whole family died so I learned self reliance" d) "I got another xbox"

Question 2: Describe 2 things you hate about yourself a) "My arms are way shorter than my legs" b) "I was born without human emotion"

So I guess in two parts, how to show multiple questions per page, and then how to allow multiple text fields for answers. Oh and this quiz is not graded, it's like a self assessment.


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You may find that webform better suits your needs

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Problem is, webform doesn't support a lot of the Quiz features like resume. I'm leaning towards writing custom question types, but that may not solve the issue of showing multiple questions per page still. –  Andrew Jun 28 '10 at 23:47
I ended up using Webform, and sorta hacked it together using Rules. If you know of a better way of grouping forms together that'd be helpful, since we didn't want the user to have to finish the whole form at once, and the "next" & "previous", from my tests, don't seem to save until you hit "save" at the end. –  Andrew Jul 19 '10 at 18:05
Ok I got rid of the Rules bit, since that was really hacky. The way I went is to just write a simple custom module and use hook_form_alter to adjust the form redirect to the next page. I just store a list of nid's globally for each grouping of quizzes. –  Andrew Jul 26 '10 at 19:14
Andrew...can you share this module? It will be of help as this is exactly what I am trying to create, thanks! –  Parijat Kalia Jan 22 '12 at 22:27

I know that this answer is 3 years late, but I think it might still be helpful to someone, take a look at this comment, i tried it and worked for my project, but there's a little bug for "allow resume" for showing all question in a single page.

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