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Hey, I'm just learning ruby on rails and I've been stumped on this for awhile now.

Here's my url request:,-123.123/

Here's my routes.rb:

  map.connect '/Location/new/:coords/', :controller => 'Location', :action => 'new', :coords => /\d+.\d+,-\d+.\d+/
  map.connect '/Location/list/', :controller => 'Location', :action => 'list'
  map.connect '/Location/create/', :controller => 'Location', :action => 'create'

Here's my location_controller.rb

  def new
    @coords = Location.new(params[:coords])

Here's the error message it gives me:

  NoMethodError in LocationController#new
  undefined method `stringify_keys!' for "123.123,-123.123":String
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Location.new expects a Hash as its argument, in location_controller.rb you should use:

def new
  @location = Location.new( { :coords => params[:coords] } )

Assuming the coords is the name of the field you want to use. Then in your view or subsequent code you can use @location.coords to get the value.

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