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I pretty new SQL Server Integration Server (SSIS) user. Is SSIS able to query data from text files located in another Windows Server? I mean that when SSIS is installed on Windwos Server A, is SSIS able to query data from e.g. one folder containing text files in Windows Server B (under same domain)? I have used only SAP BO Data Integrator ETL tool and it cannot query flat files from another Server: during execution, all files must be located on the Job Server machine that executes the job.

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Yes, you can access text files on another server using SSIS by using a fileshare and accessing the files using the share name i.e. \\ServerB\MySSISFiles\.

You need to make sure that the account the SSIS is running under has access to the file share.

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can I access the file If I m on a different domain, and running with a different user, can I impersonate a user id in SSIS which has access to the shared folder. –  Niraj Jun 4 '14 at 17:15

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