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Could you please help in the following? Is there an acceptable design guideline to implement WS Notification Messaging in java? My scenario is the following: a web service client makes a web service call to a web service. After that, the web service should be able to send asynchronous notifications to the web client (as a result of the first web method call). What approach should be used?

Thank you, Regards

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JAX-WS supports asynchronous web services and provides support for both a callback and polling model. The former model might be what you're looking for.

See also:

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Thank you for your reply. These suggestions can be useful. My intention is to send an one-way request to a web serice (as a subscription) and then get notifications at random intervals. Polling is good, but I will not get the notifications immediatelly. I was thinking to run a listening thread on a client and send a url to the web service to send the results/notifications to that url. The url would be send through SOAP header. Is there a way to access the SOAP headers in jax-ws? I want to access them in the result from the client in the result send by the service. Thanks! – akmer Jun 18 '10 at 9:07
A correction. I want to access the headers both from the service and the client – akmer Jun 18 '10 at 9:08

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