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I am using visual studio 2008 with vb as my language. I have a databound multiextended listbox. I need to get the selected value for each item that is selected. I have searched for two weeks trying to find and answer. Can anyone help? I would greatly appreciate it.

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Something is up with the way you are binding your data to the listbox in the first place, or you need to do a "DirectCast" of the item before you can see it's contents.

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How about this:

For Each Item In ListBox1.SelectedItems
            //Do Stuff here to the item
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when i try this: For Each item In ListBox1.SelectedItems Label10.Text = Label10.Text + item.ToString & vbCrLf Next i get the following result int he label10 text: chirp_Sql.status chirp_Sql.status chirp_Sql.status chirp_Sql is the name of my database and status is the name of the field. How can I get the actual value instead of that? Thanks for the help. –  rip Jun 18 '10 at 5:20

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