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Question: How to force pagination work correctly? The problem is that {% paginate %} does not work, but other {% load pagination_tags %} and {% autopaginate object_list 10 %} works!

Error message appeared, when I add {% paginate %} into html page:

TemplateSyntaxError at /logging
Caught an exception while rendering: pagination/pagination.html

What I have done:

  1. Install django-pagination without any problems. When I do in python import pagination, it's work well.

  2. Added pagination to INSTALLED_APP in settings.py:

    INSTALLED_APPS = ( # ..., 'pagination', )

  3. Added in settings.py:

    TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS = ( "django.core.context_processors.auth", "django.core.context_processors.debug", "django.core.context_processors.i18n", "django.core.context_processors.media", "django.core.context_processors.request" )

  4. Also add to settings.py middleware:

    MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES = ( # ... 'pagination.middleware.PaginationMiddleware', )

  5. Add to top in views.py:

    from django.template import RequestContext

  6. And finally add to my HTML template page lines:

    {% load pagination_tags %} ... {% autopaginate item_list 50 %} {% for item in item_list %} ... {% endfor %} {% paginate %}


ADDED: Top of error report:

TemplateSyntaxError at /logging
Caught an exception while rendering: pagination/pagination.htmlRequest Method:  GET
Request URL:    http://host:8123/logging?portfolio_id=1
Exception Type: TemplateSyntaxError
Exception Value:    Caught an exception while rendering: pagination/pagination.html
Exception Location: /usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/django/template/debug.py in render_node, line 81
Python Executable:  /usr/bin/python
Python Version: 2.6.2
Python Path:    ['/home/mosg/sources/django/apm', '/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/django_pagination-1.0.5-py2.6.egg', '/usr/lib/python2.6', '/usr/lib/python2.6/plat-linux2', '/usr/lib/python2.6/lib-tk', '/usr/lib/python2.6/lib-old', '/usr/lib/python2.6/lib-dynload', '/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages', '/var/lib/python-support/python2.6', '/var/lib/python-support/python2.6/gtk-2.0', '/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages', '/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages']
Server time:    Thu, 17 Jun 2010 06:29:45 -0500

Template error

In template /home/mosg/sources/django/apm/templates/accounting/logging.html, error at line 93
Caught an exception while rendering: pagination/pagination.html
83      <td>{{ item.transaction_datetime }}</td>
84      <td>{{ item.src_account }}</td>
85      <td>{{ item.dst_account }}</td>
86      <td>{{ item.body }}</td>
87      <td>{{ item.estimated }}</td>
88  <!--
89      <td><a href="./admin/accounting/transaction/{{item.id}}/">edit</a></td>
90  -->
91  </tr>
92  {% endfor %}
93  {% paginate %}
94  </table>
95  {% else %}
96      <p>No transaction logs are available.</p>
97  {% endif %}
98          </div>
101 </div>
103         <br class="clear" />

ADDED for stevejalim:

def logging(request):
    pid = request.GET.get('portfolio_id', 1)
    item_list = TransactionsLogging.objects.filter(Q(portfolio_id=pid)).order_by('-datetime')
    return render_to_response('accounting/logging.html', {'item_list': item_list, 'user': request.user,}, context_instance = RequestContext(request))

PS: some edits required, because I can't django code style work well here :)

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Are you definitely passing in a QuerySet and not a list or dictionary of the things you want to paginate? –  stevejalim Jun 17 '10 at 10:54
@stevejalim I add logging function to the bottom of my question... –  mosg Jun 17 '10 at 11:45

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Can you provide more details off TemplateSyntaxError?

All your configurations looks fine. In pagination/pagination.html template there is {% load i18n %}. Do you have USE_I18N = True in your settings file?

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Yes, USE_I18N = True presents in settings.py (it's default I think). Not working only {% paginate %}. If I delete it from the source html, it show only 10 items on the list, but no previous, current and next buttons presents. I can add error message, but it's too long... –  mosg Jun 17 '10 at 11:27
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Solution was found earlier: django-pagination you need with of the latest version, which is fix the bug!

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