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I'm developing a typical web application with functions like add, remove, view, search and other yada yada. However, I'm uncertain how much I should rely on dialog boxes. Should I have a dialog box for adding information to the system or perhaps only as a confirmation when deleting something? I could also, for example, use a login dialog box instead of a login page.

Should modern web sites be designed so that they use dialog boxes?

Are there any general guidelines for when to use a dialog box in a web application or is it more "when I feel like it"?

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Jakob Nielson has an interesting take on the use of dialog boxes:


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Dialogue boxes can be great. They are best used for smaller things such as changing a quick setting, giving information, maybe adding something small.

If it requires a refresh of the page or a lot of information that's hard to see in a dialog, best not do it. It is, however, a personal choice. Both can work fine.

I would also use something nice looking, like jquery-ui dialog boxes.

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