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I'm a Django beginner.

My site - let's call it - works fine, letting users log in and out (having originally registered via Django registratiaon). If it's relevant, my virtuahosts file has ServerName and ServerAlias directives.

I don't want my visitors to sense that both and exist, and so discovered Django's prepend_www setting, which works as intended. In addition to working as intended, however, there's a side effect that disables logging in and out when visiting the www. variant of my site.

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What do you mean by 'disables logging in an out'? What happens when you try? – Daniel Roseman Jun 17 '10 at 8:09
When you try to log in on the www. flavor of the site, you simply stay on the home page, no messages, as if you typed in the login details incorrectly. I guess I could get around this by writing some middleware that does the reverse of prepend_www - that is, take people who visit to, where login functionality works. All the same, it would be good to understand what's really happening. – ropz Jun 17 '10 at 8:33
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In your try setting:


This will make the cookie apply to all the subdomains of

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Awesome. Thanks Ned, very much appreciated. Cant upvote - no rep ;-( – ropz Jun 17 '10 at 11:34
No prob, @ropz. You can accept the answer, though, no? – Ned Batchelder Jun 17 '10 at 15:45

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