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How do I make a transparent background for a PNG image in IE6?

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You can find a solution here with SuperSleight:


You can use like jquery pluging too:


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Supersleight is what i use, always works! –  Ryano Jun 17 '10 at 8:44

the most common way to fix this for png32 is to use fixes like the following:



or you could try to use png8 if it the transparancy doesn't include half transparent area's. the result with png8 isn't that smooth though

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+1, DD_belatedPNG is the best method currently –  davidosomething Jun 17 '10 at 17:50

check it out



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If you want to use alpha-transparency and do not need more than 256 colors - you can try to save your image as 8-bit-png file with additional alpha-channel.

Here's a good explanation: http://www.ethanandjamie.com/blog/37-user-interface/81-png8-transparency-without-fireworks

The funny thing is that IE6 will ignore the alpah-channel. Other (newer) browsers like Firefox, Opera, IE7+, Chrome, and Safari will try to display the image using the alpha-channel.

I prefer to use this solution because it does not require CSS hacks or Javascript.

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