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ImageUrl='<%#Eval("Name","../Master Pages/DisasterImages/") %>'+'<%#Eval("Request.QueryString["DisID"].ToString()/{0}") %>'

DisID is a folder name.

What i want is to display the images in the directory. I have done it using a repeater control.Problem is now i want to get the folder name in the Query String.How can i do this.Above is the code that i have tried and it doesn't seems to be working....

Any help would appreciated

Thank you!

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use <%= instead of <%#. Example:

<%= Request.QueryString["DisID"] %>

I have noticed another issue with your code, you need to be careful when using quotes inside a string. You need to escape them. Therefore


should look like this


Notice the backslash that serves for escaping characters.

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hi Genady, the path i want to access is ../Master Pages/DisasterImages/XXX/{0}. XXX is the name i want to get from the QueryString.Still i haven't got it working.Following is what i have tried this time. ImageUrl='<%#Eval("Name","../Master Pages/DisasterImages/") %>'+'<%=Request.QueryString[\"DisID\"].ToString()/{0} %>' –  chamara Jun 17 '10 at 10:28
You need not to call ToString when retrieving query string params since they are strings already. Are there any errors when the code is executed, why do you need the {0} string. What happens if you remove that part? Please keep in mind that the <%# expressions are only evaluated when one call DataBind on the respective control. –  Genady Sergeev Jun 17 '10 at 15:37
this did not work inside the aspx, instead of the variable the response is <%= Request.QueryString['DisID'] %> –  Juan Zamudio Jun 28 '11 at 0:29

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