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I've built a web application which basically logs work that has been done upon projects plus maintain resources used etc. What I need now is to set it up so that projects can be billed. Billed such that - each task that has been undertaken in a project is regarded as a billable service.

Instead of building my own invoicing system and accounts management system I was wondering if there was any standard data format i.e in xml DTD or so to which I could set up the information so it could be imported by a third party accounting system for billing - or if not then what is the best way to accomplish this.

I need to integrate invoicing capabilities somehow - better if its third party as I don't wish to have to go through building an entire accounting system.

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I would like to know of any XML specifications for financial data and inventory data from a point of sale register to the back office. QIF seems to one that a number of accounting back office applications use for financial data. However I have not yet found something for inventory data. –  Richard Chambers Jan 7 '14 at 20:15

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Unfortunately, the accounting software world seems standard-averse. For example, as soon as .qif files started to gain support, Intuit (the creator of qif) abandon it for a new proprietary format.

You can use iif files for Quickbooks and Quicken, although there are no safeguards or transactions to prevent multiple imports of the same file or other corruptions. Higher end accounting systems (Peachtree, Abra, AccPac, MAS, MIP) generally sell xml import/export modules with limited scope, and each provides their own definitions.

As for billing systems, you may want to check out zoho. They use to have a free service for up to three users, though I'm not sure if that is still available.

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