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I've been trying to output specific menu items, also wanting to change the names of some, without satisfying results. The problem is that I have three different menu setups throughout the site - the header split into two sections and the footer divided into a couple of columns. This is what I've tried so far -

[[Wayfinder? &startId=0 &level=1 &limit=5 &excludeDocs=49,61,55]]

While it works excluding all the other links isn't the most optimal solution as there are 11 in total plus I want to be able to 1. rearrange the order and 2. change the names of two of them. Is this possible at all using the Wayfinder or do I have to create a snippet?

Thanks in advance.

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Names (menu title) and Order (Menu Index) - you control via the manager interface (or Doc Manager module for quicker order sorting).

This is the default, you can also customize this (textOfLinks, sortBy, sortOrder) About excludeDocs, maybe using the opposite - includeDocs param is better for you.

see this: www.muddydogpaws.com/development/wayfinder/parameters.html

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Sorry this post hasn't been updated, found a solution a couple of weeks ago. –  Staffan Estberg Jul 21 '10 at 8:43

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