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I have jQuery UI Datepicker on the top right edge of my layout.
By default, it opens aligned to the left edge of its text box.
Thus, it falls out of the layout:

alt text

How to make it open aligned to the right border of its text box?

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It took me a while to figure this out.

    beforeShow: function(input, inst) {
        var widget = $(inst).datepicker('widget');
        widget.css('margin-left', $(input).outerWidth() - widget.outerWidth());
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If you have 2 datepicker fields on a single page, as soon as you open the one with this script, all other datepicker fields become right-aligned. – danludwig Jun 1 '12 at 13:52

I know it's an old question... but still not native solution... here's an updated piece of code:

    beforeShow:function( input, inst )
        var dp = $(inst.dpDiv);
        var offset = $(input).outerWidth(false) - dp.outerWidth(false);
        dp.css('margin-left', offset);
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Alex's solution was nice, but it didn't work well if you tried to resize window down. The problem was that jquery ui is trying to calculate position of widget, so that it never gets out of view. The thing is it doesn't work well with Alex's solution. I changed source code (which is not very nice, but only solution I came up with) to achieve the result. Here's the function on line 3960 that I changed:

/* Check positioning to remain on screen. */
    _checkOffset: function(inst, offset, isFixed) {
        // CHANGED This way I can add class date-right to the input to make it right aligned
        var isRightAlign = inst.input.hasClass('date-right');

        var dpWidth = inst.dpDiv.outerWidth();
        var dpHeight = inst.dpDiv.outerHeight();
        var inputWidth = inst.input ? inst.input.outerWidth() : 0;
        var inputHeight = inst.input ? inst.input.outerHeight() : 0;
        var viewWidth = document.documentElement.clientWidth + (isFixed ? 0 : $(document).scrollLeft());
        var viewHeight = document.documentElement.clientHeight + (isFixed ? 0 : $(document).scrollTop());

        // CHANGED Alex's solution is implemented on the next line (just add || isRightAlign)
        offset.left -= (this._get(inst, 'isRTL') || isRightAlign ? (dpWidth - inputWidth) : 0);
        offset.left -= (isFixed && offset.left == inst.input.offset().left) ? $(document).scrollLeft() : 0; -= (isFixed && == (inst.input.offset().top + inputHeight)) ? $(document).scrollTop() : 0;

        // CHANGED Do not check if datepicker is outside of the viewport if it's right aligned
            // now check if datepicker is showing outside window viewport - move to a better place if so.
            offset.left -= Math.min(offset.left, (offset.left + dpWidth > viewWidth && viewWidth > dpWidth) ?
                Math.abs(offset.left + dpWidth - viewWidth) : 0);
        } -= Math.min(, ( + dpHeight > viewHeight && viewHeight > dpHeight) ?
            Math.abs(dpHeight + inputHeight) : 0);

        return offset;
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You can align jQuery UI date-picker from right side corresponding to input field.

[Here -176 is the width of my datepicker div, you can change according to your need.]

Please Check Running Demo

$(document).ready(function () {
        changeYear: true,
        beforeShow: function (textbox, instance) {   
            marginLeft: textbox.offsetWidth+ (-176) + 'px'
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Simply, you can set the rtl(Arabin way) option in the jQuery. Search for isRTL, then change the value from false to true. ( isRTL:true )

If you only need to align whole popup box, well, then simply set rtl option and remove the direction attribute in the custom css. Eg: .ui-datepicker-rtl { }

But, this will not set to arrows to navigate through months. If you need that functionality as well, then you have to do more work. You have to edit the core functionality related to rtl(search for isrtl and change values accordingly) & changing the css related to rtl.

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its nonsense and a hack to revert to rtl mode just to right align something – mare Feb 9 '11 at 16:07

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