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For instance I set the source code path as c:\code\testapp\src. Is this then available as a var I can use - for instance so I can spit out a tag file in a location relative to this, not relative to the working dir of doxygen? I think I'm looking for something like how Ant defines vars for just about everything and these can be re-used; does Doxygen have special vars for any of the config values?

I'm thinking like $PROJECT-NAME or %VERSION% or whatever...

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You can use environment variables in the configuration file; the syntax is the same as in a makefile, i.e. $(VAR_NAME)

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I am not sure, but I have seen people use variables as part of their build process. For example the lemon graph library uses cmake, sets a variable for the absolute file path in cmake and the doxygen config file includes variables such as @abs_top_srcdir@. Through the build process these variables are replaced with the relevant text.

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Here's a blog post about what you mentioned… – lfxgroove Jun 19 '13 at 11:04

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