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I deploy my J2EE application after making some changes to the code.

At maximum of 4 times I can deploy the EAR file into the server without restarting the JBoss server. After the 4th deployment if I deploy one more time it throws PermGem space exception.

I don't what this exception is. I restart the server then everything works fine. Any idea why the Jboss server throws PermGem space exception after 4 deployments ?And Why it occurs ?

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You can find an explanation about PermGem space here. Here are some JBoss specific instructions.

You could have a classloader leak in your code that causes this. Or you have a huge code base with many dependencies and haven't configured the PermGem space appropriately.

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Thanks a lot. That gives more information. –  User 1034 Jun 17 '10 at 10:52

You also need to enable the sweeping of the permgen area, which is not covered in the previous answer.

This answer provides details to do that.

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