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I have an EC2 instance created with Auto Scaling enabled in Amazon Web Services - according to the Webload instances are created and terminated automatically. How do I get the logs from the instances that are created automatically?

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Here's a thread on the AWS developer forums with some suggestions:


Because you're using Auto Scaling, I assume that the NFS and syslog approaches wouldn't be high-availability enough to handle your log load.

The consensus from that thread is that S3 is the best bet for guaranteeing storage. If you go that route, processing/searching your logs could become a bit of a chore.

One creative option would be to create a MongoDB server/cluster, perhaps exposed via a simple webservice, to aggregate the massive influx of log entries from your n app servers. I've used MongoDB for storage and analysis of some pretty huge metrics/transactions data sets (in the tens to hundreds of millions of records per day), and it has performed admirably.

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if you go s3 for the logfiles, which I would suggest if you expect a sizable volume of log files, then use EMR to churn through the log files on s3, either on demand or as a scheduled job via elastic data pipelines.

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