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how we can destroy the session when we click in the close button in my browser..

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Erm, just to be sure: by 'the close button in my browser' you mean: 'when closing the browser' and not some button in the HTML page itself? – Wrikken Jun 17 '10 at 13:09

You can't destroy the session directly. The session garbage collection doesn't work like that. However if your session is using cookies you could set the cookie lifetime to 0 which translates to "destroy cookie when the browser closes". You can do this with


The session is still there, but the client can no longer access it effectively destroying the session.

On a side note this will only work if all instances of the browser close.

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You can't in any meaningfull reliable way, that is why we invented session.gc_maxlifetime & garbage collecting.

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unset($_SESSION) - destroys all session variables.

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If they have javascript enabled, you can watch for the onUnload event and make an ajax call to a php file that unsets the session variable.

Typically the browser will delete session cookies on exit, and there is no need to do it on the server side.

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