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I try to integrate an existing database file into my Android project. I follow the instructions on this blog. They write that I have to add a table android_metadata with a column called locale and put en_US into it.

I try to figure out what this table is used for. Because my database content is german. Maybe i then should not put en_US into it? Is this required for localisation of the database content or is the table not needed at all?

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In my project I don't have any entry in android_metadata (just an empty table) and it's working fine as well. Also see the reply on:…, with that option you might not need the table at all anymore (haven't tried it myself though) – Mathias Conradt Jun 17 '10 at 13:17
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the metadata table will be generated automatically. if you have content of german try updating the metadata table 'de_DE'.

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If you're okay opening the DB with read-write access then you can let the openDatabase(...) call automatically generate it. For example in Android:

SQLiteDatabase.openDatabase(m_szMainDBPath, null, SQLiteDatabase.OPEN_READWRITE);
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The metadata table is required to hold (as its name suggests) meta information about the application. This table is auto-generated in some cases (since api 4 if i remember correctly) but you may want to add it yourself.

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