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I would like to know if anybody can recommend an Http Request Monitoring Tool aside from HttpWatch and Firebug. What I want from the tool is for it to show me the time it took the request to arrive at the web server. HttpWatch can show me the network latency and the server times in one result but i want them separately. My goal is to isolate the network latency from the server processing times.


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You didn't mention platform, but MS has the Visual Round Trip Analyzer that might help:


it's brand new and I know next to nothing about it but it seems like it might be what you need...on the MS platform anyway.

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Thanks for the link. Just for fun I installed this and ran it opening the SO site, which got a score of E (A=perfect F=bad) ;) –  Patrick Cuff Nov 20 '08 at 18:19
It gives out 'E's? That's hillarious. –  Webjedi Nov 20 '08 at 18:22

I highly recommend WireShark You can easily filter HTTP traffic only

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I like to use this HTTP monitoring tool its free and you can send any request to any URL and watch full report of the response

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It would not be possible from the client side.

On the server side the best bet is to employ some sort of logging which writes in a log on request start and end.

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Yes, it is possible, at least if you use a connection-oriented protocole like TCP. The client can know when the connection is setup. –  bortzmeyer Dec 15 '08 at 14:05

Fiddler installs itself as a local proxy, thus works with all browsers.

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Fiddler is pretty good! –  helios Jun 24 '11 at 3:03

There's HttpFox too, another Firefox plugin.

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Warning, this is an advertisment for my program. Here is a demo showing the network time ("TCP latency") and the total time ("Application latency"):

% echoping -h / -v stackoverflow.com

This is echoping, version 6.0.2.

Trying to connect to internet address 80 to transmit 93 bytes...
Trying to send 256 bytes to internet address
TCP Latency: 0.156111 seconds
Sent (93 bytes)...
Application Latency: 1.044552 seconds
142542 bytes read from server.
Estimated TCP RTT: 0.1800 seconds (std. deviation 0.107)
Elapsed time: 1.979454 seconds

And I seize the opportunity to publicaly thanks Luca Deri, author of ntop, who wrote the patch which permits this.

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I know this is old now but this was useful for me: Charles Proxy

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