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I am using Active MQ for integration testing my application. I have defined an active-mq broker in a spring config like so:

<amq:broker useJmx="false" 

        <amq:transportConnector uri="tcp://localhost:0"/>

But it seems to be ignoring persistent=false and every time I run the test suite I get a folder created called activemq-data

What do I need to do so that Active MQ is not persistent?

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The solution, in addition to adding the persistant="false" is to comment out the following lines in your activemq.xml:

            <kahaDB directory="${activemq.base}/data/kahadb"/>

Also, doesn't hurt at this point to purge your data directory...

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I would use ActiveMQ 5.3.2 - this looks like an older release. Btw - you don't need to deleteAllMessagesOnStartup - as you won't be using a persistent message store



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I am now using 5.3.2 and get the same result. (And how would you know I wasn't, the spring context doesn't change?) – Paul McKenzie Jun 22 '10 at 7:34

Even on commenting the persistent adapter, it creates that directory. When is et broker.persistent=false in the broker URL, though, the persistence gets disabled. I'm still wondering why, and at this point, this is in 5.4.2.

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