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I have a Nant build script which referrences 30 other build scripts.

Each build script referrences a visual studio solution using MSBuild.

Each solution has 3 to 5 projects in.

Some projects are Class Librarys and some are Web Apllications.

The projects reference other projects both in their solution and out of their solution, so the projects do not use project references, they reference the the Release DLLs in the Bin folders of the other projects.

To use the software, I need to publish all the solutions together.

Which means I cannot do a deployment which is in debug mode.

Which means I cannot the step into and debug the code.

I would like to run the build script to get a deployment of the software which I can debug.

Please advise

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I decided that it would be better to build and set the OutDir for all the build scripts

<property name="OutDir" value="${bin.output.dir}"/>

The get all the Projects to reference that location.

Then it does not matter if that are all debug or release.

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