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I'm in the process of converting my asp.net app to asp.net mvc. I'm using a master page which contains a div that currently renders a partial view. This partial view displays the model data that I want displayed.

I saved the "best" for last and that is to convert an asp.net timer triggered update panel to MVC. I'm an asp.net MVC newbie. Any suggestions? I've seen an example in this forum that uses a form and a submit button. How do I add a timer? Do I simply set up a timer in my controller and every time in fires return my partial view? Do I even need the form? Thanks

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Triggering AJAX requests at regular intervals to a controller action that returns a partial view should suffice:

public ActionResult SomePartial()
    // return PartialView.ascx partial view containing an HTML fragment
    return PartialView();

And in your javascript:

$(function() {
    // trigger an ajax request to the controller action every 5s
    // and inject the returned HTML fragment into a div with id="result"
    window.setInterval(function() {
    }, 5000);

Should update div tag with id="result" in the markup:

<div id="result"></div>
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I never seem to get that function to execute. –  user361540 Jun 17 '10 at 15:50
Have you included jQuery scripts in your view? –  Darin Dimitrov Jun 17 '10 at 15:52
I have now. Thank you very much. Works great and very simple. –  user361540 Jun 17 '10 at 16:00
I have a related question. How do I get that function to fire as soon as the page is loaded? –  user361540 Jun 17 '10 at 16:58
Just call $('#result').load('/home/somepartial'); outside of window.setInterval. Of course in this case it would be better to externalize this into a separate function which you would call once inside the timer callback and once the page is loaded to avoid repeating code. –  Darin Dimitrov Jun 17 '10 at 17:15

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