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I am running rake task(which must be being launched for ~24 hours) but it stops in unexpected time. STRERR is empty. The code which runs the task:

@bucket = Bucket.find(params[:id])
cmd = "#{`which rake`.chomp} bucket:generate[#{@bucket.id}] --trace 2>&1 > #{Rails.root}/log/bucket-#{@network.id}.log &" # 2> #{Rails.root}/log/bucket-#{@network.id}-error.log &"
flash[:notice] = "Generation started"
redirect_to buckets_path

If I run the task from console it executes normally but task executed from controller stops after some time...

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Requests eventually time out; this is not the right place for such a command.

Instead, try something else to schedule tasks, like cron, or my scheduler daemon gem:


If it needs to be driven from the controller, have it update a database entry or even write a file instead.

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Thank you! It is what i need. –  Andrey Kouznetsov Jun 17 '10 at 16:53

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