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Based on the jquery ui button documentation, I tried the following:

<jquery>$("#test").button({ icons: { primary:'ui-icon-gear' } });</jquery>
<input id="test" type="submit" value="test"></input>

However the icon doesn't appear on the button. If I change the <input> to a <span>, it works; but I need the icons on a form submit button. Placing the <span> around the button doesn't help either (then I have a button inside a button).

I also tried the solution described in this stackoverflow question, but the .prepend span doesn't have an effect on my page. Any ideas?

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you can bind a click event to your span than it's like a button ... for example:

<form id="myForm" ...>
    <span onclick="document.myform.submit()" class="jqueryUI" id="myButton">Butotnvalue</span>

better way is to bind it in the jQuery loader function, for sure ;-)

$('#myButton').bind('click', function(){
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Thanks! That's what I ended up doing. –  Joe Jun 21 '10 at 7:55

Try this instead

$("#test input").each( function() {
   $(this).button({ icons: { primary: 'ui-icon-gear' } });

I like to put my icon in my list and turn it into something more fun like:

$("#test input").each( function() {
   $(this).button({ icons: { primary: $(this).attr('icon') } });

And have your input as:

<input id="test" type="submit" value="test" icon='ui-icon-gear'>
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Didn't work for me... I think your selector even looks for an input element INSIDE a tag with id="test", so it doesn't find anything. And when removing the 'input' it ends up being the same as mine. –  Joe Jun 21 '10 at 7:54

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