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I've built a simple CKeditor 3 plugin with one button that should just call a JS-function when somebody clicks it.

The plugin (code when somebody clicks) looks like this and is working:

var openAssetsBrowser = {

I always get the error "openAssetsBrowser is not a function"

The function itself is somewhere in the page, I thought the order shouldn't matter since the whole page is read first, before anyone would lclick the ckeditor button that triggers the function

Calling it on a link somewhere (e.g. with jquery) in the page just works:


Does anyone know why the function cannot be called from within the CKeditor plugin?

update: when pasting the complete function code instead of "openAssetsBrowser();" in the plugin, all works, but that's not really re-usable code...

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it must have something to do with CKeditor running in an iFrame ? – Jorre Jun 18 '10 at 10:22
the solution will be: finding a way to get to the original document where the ckeditor iframe is residing and calling the function there. Don't know how to get the document though... – Jorre Jun 18 '10 at 10:45

now that was easy.

parent.openAssetsBrowser() did the trick!

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