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I am using the MFC class CSocket. Nothing complicated - open a connection to a server and send a short message. The code works fine when I link with MFC in a DLL. However, the call to CSocket::Create() crashes when I link to MFC in a static library.

I would like to use MFC in a static library since it simplifies distribution.

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According to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/193101

The handle maps used by the sockets need to be created for each thread. The following code shows a function to do this:

   void SocketThreadInit()
   #ifndef _AFXDLL
   #define _afxSockThreadState AfxGetModuleThreadState()

      _AFX_SOCK_THREAD_STATE* pState = _afxSockThreadState;
      if (pState->m_pmapSocketHandle == NULL)
         pState->m_pmapSocketHandle = new CMapPtrToPtr;
      if (pState->m_pmapDeadSockets == NULL)
         pState->m_pmapDeadSockets = new CMapPtrToPtr;
      if (pState->m_plistSocketNotifications == NULL)
         pState->m_plistSocketNotifications = new CPtrList;

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Why are you discussing threads? As far as I remember ( it was 4 years ago! ) the program was single threaded. Certainly, I do not mention threading in my question. Anyway, I no longer use MFC - does anyone still? –  ravenspoint Jan 11 '13 at 13:28

This rings a dim and distant bell - what version of MFC are you using?

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Are you getting any linker warnings at all? Make sure you link the right CRT library depending on your "Code Generation" setting. For Multi-threaded static, you need libcmt.lib for release (libcmtd.lib for debug), also make sure _AFXDLL isn't defined.

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No linker warnings. –  ravenspoint Nov 20 '08 at 19:45

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