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I want a Drupal Module who let to the Adminintrator to upload pdf files and the users to read them in a viewer with a Toolbar that contains print, download and quit boutons like the calameo website.

The possibility to have statistics on user's Toolbar actions will be appreciated.

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This the solution that I found :

1-Installation of the CCK and SWF Tools.

2-Configuration of the FlowPlayer 3 player to be the Default player for FLV movies.

3-Creation of a new content that contains two fileds: one to upload the swf file and the second to upload its twin in pdf to be downloaded by the members.

4-The use of pdf2swf to covert the pdf files to swf files

For futur optimum solutions, I migrate this question to the official drupal forum http://drupal.org/node/833088

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