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I have the Spring STS plugin activated within my Eclipse project. Doing this enabled many cool Spring features including specialized management of Spring bean files. However, I noticed that the project settings for Spring allows for the creation of "Config Sets" -- which look like groups of bean configuration files.

I cannot find documentation for this feature anywhere...anyone know what it does?

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I use "config sets" to display the dependencies between Spring beans in several different context files.

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I see -- if you create a set, then the set shows up in the project explorer under "Spring Elements" -> "Beans". If you click right on the config set name you can display the dependencies in a graph at once. Kinda cool I guess...but very non-obvious! Thanks! – HDave Jun 18 '10 at 1:29
I agree. It's not obvious. But it's quite nice to show dependencies between XML configured beans. – Espen Jun 18 '10 at 10:53

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