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How to override luabind class __finalize method?

Trying to do this in such way:

class A
function A:__init()
function A:__finalize()

local original_finalize_function = A.__finalize
A.__finalize = function(...)
  -- some custom logic
  if original_finalize_function then

local a = A    
a = nil


But lua still calls only original finalizer. It does work for __init method however:

local original_init_function = A.__init
A.__init = function(...)
 if original_init_function then

Also I've tried to override getmetatable(A).__finilize. Doesn't help too.

How can I override it? Thanks in advance.

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Just a guess, but does finalize just go to __gc?

Otherwise try iterating over the metatable to try and find out what luabind is doing: for k , v in getmetatable(myobject) do print(k,v) end

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Don't know. __finalize is called before __gc. I've tried to override it, but got a crash. From lua reference: "__gc ... (can be set from the C side only)." Metatable for class: __index, __newindex, __luabind_classrep(true), __gc, __call. Metatable for object (class intstance): 1, __eq, __mul, __pow, __index, __call, __unm, __concat, __len, __newindex, __lt, __div, __tostring, __luabind_class(true), __gc, __le, __sub, __add –  kFk Jun 21 '10 at 8:59

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