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I've hit a snag. I am trying to use WatiN to upload a file. I can load the upload box, but it quickly disappears. The last line of my code at the moment is:


It loads the dialog to select a picture but disappears. Is it possible to set the path of the box automatically example, load "C:/Desktop/image.jpg"?

Also, is it possible to wait for the upload to complete before continuing?

Help is much appreciated.


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While this won't answer your question directly, I suspect there is a DialogWatcher automatically canceling the dialog.

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I've managed to use the Set() method of FileUpload() but as it's uploading the image it will close the box and cause an 'Unspecified Error'. The actual uploading works, because I can see it saying 'Uploading Image'. Strange one here. –  James Jeffery Jun 17 '10 at 21:12
Sorry, the image actually uploads. But it returns an error. –  James Jeffery Jun 17 '10 at 21:12
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why do you need to select from the Dialog.. Try to just sent the Text:

ie.FileUpload(Find.ById("profile_file")).Text = "C:/Desktop/image.jpg";
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I guess you need to check this question & search with the fellow who posted it too stackoverflow.com/questions/3043391/… –  Shady M. Najib Aug 4 '10 at 21:07
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As a security measure, browsers don't allow scripts to set the value of a file input. Imagine if they did, I could put a hidden file input on my page where I have a contact form, and set its value to c:\topsecretinfo.txt without the user's permission. then when the user submits the form, voilà, I'd have their top secret information.

As luck has it, I ran into this issue today and this is what I did to get around it:

  • created a new hidden field on the page called "testupload".
  • used Watin to set the value of this hidden field to the path to my test file
  • on the server side, I check for this field and if it exists, instead of reading the posted file, I read this file from my local machine.
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