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In VS2010 I have VB.NET codebehind aspx pages and I'm using Ajax multihandleslider extensions to filter search results on numerical values.

Fistly, the multihandle sliders don't display in the designer... I have to remove the slider targets tag: In order to make it display in the designer... this isn't so much a big issue but an annoyance.

I am displaying items in a given category. So I get the max and min prices for all items in that category and assign the sliderextension max/min values appropriately.

This works fine until... I change the item category and go get a new max/min value for the slider control. I set the max/min values, then I set the target textbox values each to the corresponding max/min values.

The slider handles don't repaint (or init?) properly Like say for example my initial min/max is 1/100 if I do a full postback and change the max value to 1000 then the slider bar (correctly) stays the same size but the handle appears WAYYYY to the right off the page and I have to scroll to it. When I click it, it shoots back onto the slider bar.

I'm pulling my hair out... why do the slider handles only appear properly when I first set the min/max values?

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very few views... do I need to be more descriptive? –  Matthew Jun 22 '10 at 22:32

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Maybe this response is to little to late, but for anyone who have this problem the solution is to reset/clear MultiHandleSliderExtender ClientState.

For the above example:

ajctMultiHandleSliderExtender.ClientState = "0";


ajctMultiHandleSliderExtender.ClientState = "1,1000";
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I haven't resolved the intial problem with the AJAX sliders but I used the Telerik sliders and they do not have this issue. Just FYI for any readers who stumble upon this.

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