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How can I make the Auth component of cakephp create, use and store a random salt with the password?

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If anybody finds this and wants to do the same thing with CakePHP 2.x, see this question. – Nick Jul 17 '12 at 0:13
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You can start here , and set the $authenticate variable to your user model:

class User extends AppModel {
    function hashPasswords($data) {
        if (isset($data['User']['password'])) {
            //Get the user to get the salt
            $user = $this->findByUsername($data['User']['username']);
            //Let's say you have a "salt" field in your db 
            $data['User']['password'] = md5($data['User']['password'].$user['User']['salt']);
            return $data;
        return $data;
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There is no such functionality in Auth component. Take a look at Random String generator CakePHP component.

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Look into overriding the hash function used by the Auth component as described here.

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