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I have a string as below:

"http:172.1." = (10, 1,3);

"http:192.168." = (15, 2,6);

"http:" = (1, 2,8);

The string inside " " is a Tag and inside () is the value for preceding tag. What is the regular expression that will return me: Tag: http:172.1. Value: 10, 1,3

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This regex


returns the text between quotes "" as group 1, and the text in parentheses () as group 2.

NB: when saving this as a string, you will have to escape the quote characters and double the slashes. It becomes unreadable very quickly - like this:


EDIT: As requested, here's an example use:

   Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\"([^\\\"]*)\"\\s*=\\s*\\(([^\\)]*)\\)*.");
   // put p as a class member so it's computed only once...

   String stringToMatch = "\"http://123.45\" = (0,1,3)";
   // the string to match - hardcoded here, but you will probably read 
   // this from a file or similar
   Matcher m = p.matches(stringToMatch);
   if (m.matches()) {
      String url =;    // what's between quotes
      String value =;   // what's between parentheses
      System.out.println("url: "+url);   // http://123.45
      System.out.println("value: "+value); // 0,1,3

For more details, see the Sun Tutorial - Regular Expressions.

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can you give me a short implementation, i am new in java – chitresh Jun 17 '10 at 23:45
sure - there's one added to my answer. – mdma Jun 17 '10 at 23:54

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