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I am trying to parse this xml document in which a newline is required for certain fields and must be inserted into the database with the newline. But I've been running into problems.

1)First Problem: \n Character

The first problem I had was using the \n like below.


The problem was in the database the field came out ot be jquery_ui.js\nshadowbox_modal.js\n... and when output into html it was jquery_ui.jsnshadowbox_modal.jsn...............

2) Then I tried actually having newlines in the xml


The problem was the output become %20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20shadowbox_modal.js, and so forth. So how can I get a newline to hold from xml when entered into a database and then output with the newline still?

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Remove the spaces from your second example.

You probably entered a tab and/or spaces for readability, but these get inserted too.

%20 is an urlencoded space.

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