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I needed to add AM_PATH_CHECK to configure.am I then try to run the usual sequence of autotools commands to rebuild all the makefiles and whatnot:

automake -ac

and here my lack of understanding of autotools showes up because this release of openssh has no Makefile.am??? now what do I do?

if i try to ignore this and build anyway configure dies with this lovely error:

checking whether OpenSSL's PRNG is internally seeded... yes
./configure: line 18275: syntax error near unexpected token `PROG_LS,'
./configure: line 18275: `OSSH_PATH_ENTROPY_PROG(PROG_LS, ls)'

caused by this line in configure.ac:


Is this actually caused by my changes to configure.ac?
what can I do to regenerate the required files to allow configure to work?
if i take my changes out and dont run aclocal then it works???

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Run 'autoreconf' instead of 'aclocal && autoheader && autoconf && automake', not after. –  William Pursell Jun 20 '10 at 5:58

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Check where is the .m4 file where OSSH_PATH_ENTROPY_PROG is defined, then pass its directory to aclocal:

aclocal -I <directory>

If it doesn't have Makefile.am, just skip the automake command.

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The OSSH_PATH_ENTROPY_PROG macro is defined in the aclocal.m4 bundled in openssh tarball, and is overwritten by make's calling to libtoolize.

To work around this, create an m4 folder and move aclocal.m4 into it. Then execute

aclocal -I m4
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