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Does any of you know what event I can tap into on the DatePicker when the wheel moves.

I want to play a sound (got sound code) as the wheel spin. Just like the timer set picker in Apple's clock app.

All that is there is a single event for ValueChanges which only fires once, at the end of a wheel spin.

Thanks in advance

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To clarify - I would need to disable the existing click sound and add a new sound to the same event. Thanks –  DecodingSand Jun 20 '10 at 7:58
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I'm not sure this is possible, as the sounds seem to be linked to the Keyboard Clicks in the phone settings. Maybe someone else has a solution, but it doesn't seem to be documented anywhere.

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There is an undocumented method for doing this: Disable UIPickerView sound

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

@interface SilentUIPickerView: UIPickerView
{ }

- (void) setSoundsEnabled: (BOOL) enabled;

use this subclass and call [view setSoundsEnabled: NO]

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the reason behind this is when your controller is load the datepickr is scrolling so in view did load write this code.

NSDate *d = [[NSDate alloc] init];
[objDatePicker setDate:d animated:NO];
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