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I noticed that in my version of Tkinter, the after() call does not survive system clock rewinding.

If the after(x, func) was called, and the system clock was rewinded, func will be called only after the clock returned to its time before the rewind + x milliseconds.

I assume this is because Tkinter uses the system-clock instead of the "time.clock" (the amount of time that the program is running).

I tested it only on windows, and maybe its because I have an old version of Tkinter. I want my App to work on computers that synchronize their clock from the network...

Does anyone have a simple solution?

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I found a solution that works for my program, but it is not generic. My program has several threads, so one of the other threads can do: app.event_generate("<<myevent>>", when='tail') and then I don't need to call "after" at all... –  Oren Jun 18 '10 at 1:53

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What about creating a variable that holds a counter (in seconds) starting at the time the program is executed?

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