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I need a script that adds a 2 to the end of a class in a div with the id .sideboxtopleft on clicking of a link with the id of posts.

    $(".posts").click(function () {
      if ($('.sideboxtopleft').is('#sideboxtopleft2')) {

<div id="sideboxtopleft" class="sideboxtopleft">
<a href="#post" id="posts"><h3>RECENT POSTS <div id="arrow" class="arrow"></div></h3></a>
<div id="sideboxtopright" class="sideboxtopright">
<a href="#comments" id="comments"><h3>RECENT COMMENTS <div id="arrow" class="arrow2"></div></h3></a>

However it doesn't seem to want to work properly. Any help?

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You do realize that the class 2 (CSS ".2") has nothing to do with the ID sideboxtopleft2 (CSS "#sideboxtopleft2"), right? Perhaps you just mean to use the selector: "#sideboxtopleft.2" -- also, avoid using the same class and ID names unless there is a very good reason to! –  user166390 Jun 18 '10 at 4:53
you should use toggleClass –  meo Jun 18 '10 at 8:26

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You can do it using .toggleClass() like this:

$(".posts").click(function () {
  $('.sideboxtopleft, .sideboxtopleft2').toggleClass('sideboxtopleft sideboxtopleft2');

All of the class methods add, remove, or toggle entire classes, they don't append/remove part of a class name. Though the above code works, it isn't the most ideal solution, a multi-class selector in CSS is probably a better approach, like this:

.sideboxtopleft { color: black; }
.sideboxtopleft.on { color: red; }

Then you could just toggle the on class, like this:

$(".posts").click(function () {
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Why not just add a new class to tag?

<div id='foo' class='sideboxtopleft two'>
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