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Possible Duplicate:
How can I use the Google App engine bulkloader to back up all my data?

i follow this article :

and want to download all data from my app ,

but when i use the next code,it show error:

D:\zjm_demo\app> --dump --app_id=zjm1126 --url=http://zjm1126.appspot.c
om/remote_api --filename=a.csv
Usage: [options] <action> error: no such option: --dump

why ?



i use this : download_data  --application=zjm1126 --url= --filename=a.csv
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The documentation appears to be incorrect:

I found that I had to use download_data instead of --dump and --application instead of --app_id, for example: download_data --application=app_id --url=http://etc --filename=file 

This is a duplicate of

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hi Saxon, look the updated. – zjm1126 Jun 18 '10 at 3:25
Did you set up remote_api as described at… ? – Saxon Druce Jun 18 '10 at 3:29

I don't have a "why" answer, but it looks to me like you'll want to use the download_data action instead.

> appcfg help download_data
Usage: [options] download_data <directory>

Download entities from datastore.

The 'download_data' command downloads datastore entities and writes them to
file as CSV or developer defined format.


You may want to read the Configuring the Bulk Loader section for more information. I've never had a need to download my data, so I've no real experience with this.

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use download_data "Application Directory / --app_id" --config_file=etc.yaml --kind=etc --filename=etc.csv

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