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var check = function(){
   return false;
var submit = document.createElement("input");
submit.type = "image";
submit.src = "submit1.gif";
submit.onclick = check;

i created a form and append a input button, but i found it can't work in IE6, when click the button, the form auto submitted. can anybody help me.thank you.

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Did you have it wrapped in a <form> element? And if so, what was the 'action' attribute set as? Is it possible for you to set it to action="javascript:;" if it is set to something unnecesary/nothing? – Danjah Jun 18 '10 at 3:25
Why not just var check = false;? – Babiker Jun 18 '10 at 3:28
have you tried putting semi colon at the end of function. – Ayaz Alavi Jun 18 '10 at 3:33
to Danjah: i didn't set the 'action' attribute,i will try it to Babiker: beacuse there is something else to do before that thank you – CunruiLi Jun 18 '10 at 3:33
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Instead of explicitly setting the onclick attribute, try binding dynamically to the nodes' onclick event instead. Or perhaps you should be looking at the onsubmit event of the form.

function bindEvent(target, event, handler) {
    if (typeof target.addEventListener != 'undefined') {      
        target.addEventListener(event, handler, false);
    } else if (typeof target.attachEvent != 'undefined') {
        target.attachEvent('on' + event, handler); 

function check(e) {
   // Cancel W3 DOM events
   if (typeof e.preventDefault != 'undefined') {
   // Cancel for old IE event model
   e.returnValue = false;

   return false;

var submit = document.createElement("input");
submit.type = "image";
submit.src = "submit1.gif";


// Bind click event to submit button...
bindEvent(submit, 'click', check);

// ...or perhaps you want to bind submit event to form
bindEvent(submit.form, 'submit', check);
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It might be an idea to hook into a 3rd party lib to handle event inconsistencies et al, YUI does a fine job, as does jquery.

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For IE you might have to use the addAttribute method instead of .onclick()

submit.addAttribute('onclick', check);
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@CunruiLi if(submit.setAttribute) { submit.setAttribute(); } else {submit.onclick = ;}. Differences in browsers mean this is unavoidable – Ben Rowe Jun 18 '10 at 4:06
the setAttribute is defined in all browsers,so the test "submit.setAttribute" may not work. but it would work with just a few modifications. thank you very much. – CunruiLi Jun 18 '10 at 5:49

From W3C HTML 4.01 Specs:


Creates a graphical submit button. The value of the src attribute specifies the URI of the >image that will decorate the button. For accessibility reasons, authors should provide >alternate text for the image via the alt attribute.

Do not use an <input type="image"> like a checkbox. The best way to make an image-checkbox is something like:

<label for="input">
<input id="input" style="display:none;" type="checkbox">
<img src="img.gif" alt="Check">

The label will treat the image as a checkbox, and automatically check the hidden checkbox if the image is clicked.

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