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I know how to generate html documentation using Sandcastle and similar tools. But if I want to host the project on Google code, how can I easily publish the documentation straight into the Google project Wiki pages?

I can see the SVN repository has a wiki folder which I assume maps to the project Wiki pages and I guess I can make a build step to build the documentation from the autodoc tags. But is there some tool that generates wiki compatible format from the code documentation tags?

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First, you're right about the SVN repository...

You're correct in assuming that the 'wiki' folder is there to contain any/all wiki documents that are viewable on Google Code. If you want to see for yourself, create a wiki page on the site and browse the source to see what I mean.

Second, it doesn't look like there's an 'official solution' to generating .wiki files from the autodoc tags but that doesn't mean you're the only one trying

Here's an approach where the Sandcastle files are used to populate a wiki.

Here's an approach to extract the comments themselves from the source.

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