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In my table, there is a column called time.

Field type is varchar, value is like HH:MM , 02-25 ,21-42, 07-15

How to do the ordering by desc?

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What are you trying to accomplish? Generally, if you want to sort a table by some string, and you're not sorting alphanumerically or lexicographically, the values of interest should be stored in separate fields. –  Jamie Wong Jun 18 '10 at 7:31
Is it possible , i have two field Date, Time , in one query i want to set two order by clause , in that one field as desc and another as ASC , example ORDER BY Date,Time DESC this is genral query , is it possible somthing like ORDER BY Date ASC,Time DESC –  Bharanikumar Jun 18 '10 at 7:38

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select * from table_name order by column_name DESC;


table_name is name of table and 
column_name is name of column in the table (independent of whatever the data-type)

Note:-for proper o/p Your datatype for the time column should be datetime

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The problem was fixed by:

ORDER BY CreationDate ASC,CreationTime DESC
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