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basically i have read some samples, but all are self contained in one servlet. such as: use doGet to establish the long polling connection, and then use doPost to trigger the event to notify all suspended connections.

Here is my question: I have other web actions programming in spring mvc, in the spring mvc controller a user post a message via /message/post, how can I make this action to trigger the atmosphere handler to notify the suspended connections?

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But what about non web components (EJB, JMS, Akka/Scala Actor, etc.) or web component with different scope (another web application, another Servlet, etc.)? They can also generate server sides events by using Atmosphere’s BroadcasterFactory


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Yes, this should work, just remember to do your lookup for an AkkaBroadcaster: github.com/jboner/akka/blob/master/akka-http/src/main/scala/… –  Viktor Klang Jun 21 '10 at 15:25

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