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I'm trying to get my contacts from Windows Live using RestEasy

After succesfully authenticating my user, I've made the call to Set the authentication header, added my id and my tokens

If i make the call from command line using cUrl I get the expected output, but in my web application I'm getting back gibberish



Current interface class is

public interface WindowsLiveAPI {

 Response getContacts(@PathParam("liveId") @Encoded String liveId, @HeaderParam("Authorization") String delegatedToken);


ThrowAway test:



        WindowsLiveAPI client = ProxyFactory.create(WindowsLiveAPI.class, "");
        ClientResponse<LiveContacts> response = (ClientResponse) client.getContacts(LIVE_ID, DELEGATED_TOKEN);
        System.out.println(response.getStatus()); //Produces 200 (401 after token expires)

        System.out.println(response.getEntity(String.class)); //produces gibberish

Does anyone have any clue how to unmarshal the response

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You could try @Produces(MediaType.APPLICATION_XML) [if it's XML] on the method.

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