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I have just started learning Scala and I'm now wondering how I could implement two different Java interfaces with one Scala class? Let's say I have the following interfaces written in Java

public interface EventRecorder {
    public void abstract record(Event event); 

public interface TransactionCapable {
    public void abstract commit();

But a Scala class can extend only one class at a time. How can I have a Scala class that could fulfill both contracts? Do I have to map those interfaces into traits?

Note, my Scala classes would be used from Java as I am trying to inject new functionality written in Scala into an existing Java application. And the existing framework expects that both interface contracts are fulfilled.

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The second interface can be implemented with the with keyword

class ImplementingClass extends EventRecorder with TransactionCapable {
  def record(event: Event) {}
  def commit() {}
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Thanks! I actually tried it but IntelliJ spewed out some vague syntax error. I have to try it again and see if the project was setup incorrectly. – puudeli Jun 18 '10 at 10:23

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