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When I run git branch -a, it prints out like this, for ex:


Few questions:

  1. What does branch_a indicate?
  2. What does remotes/origin/branch_a indicate?
  3. How do I delete remotes/origin/branch_a?
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Would stackoverflow.com/questions/3046436/… help for 3? –  VonC Jun 18 '10 at 10:41

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  1. branch_a indicates that you have a local branch called branch_a.
  2. remotes/origin/branch_a indicates that you have a remote called origin, and you are tracking the branch_a within the origin remote. This isn't necessarily associated with your own branch_a, but it probably is (git branch -a doesn't say).
  3. Since the remotes/origin/branch_a is a remote tracking branch, it's required if your own branch_a is set up to track the remote. If not, then deleting the origin remote should remove it, or you might be able to simply git branch -d remotes/origin/branch_a.
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This command worked for me: git branch -d -r origin/branch_a. I had already deleted local, so used that command to get rid of remote. –  keruilin Jun 18 '10 at 11:09
  1. branch_a is the local 'tracking branch' for the remote branch_a.
  2. remotes/origin/branch_a is a remote branch, living on the origin repository.
  3. git push origin :branch_a removes the remote branch from the origin repository, despite looking a bit hackish. If you want to remove branch_a, run git branch -d branch_a.
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