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What could be the best solution to avoid the conflict of http and https popups in IE? I have many Secured connection pages where i face this popup in IE, I want to handle it how to do that?

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Use relative URLs where possible, you can even have protocol relative URLs:

<img src="/myimg.png" alt="This domain" />
<img src="//www.myotherdomain.com/myimg.png" alt="Other domain" />

This way, you can be sure your pages will not contain content from a non-secure protocol.

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This is Really hacky... :) Thanks Andy –  OM The Eternity Jun 18 '10 at 11:59

Do you mean the popup that warns you of your page having both secure and non-secure elements?

If so the only way to solve it is to secure the non-secure parts, i.e. if you're linking to an image change the source from "http://www.testurl.com/image1.jpg" to be "https://www.testurl.com/image1.jpg". (Note the s on the end of the HTTP).

Finally if your problem is identifying the objects that are non-secure you can use an application such as Fiddler which will show objects requested by HTTP and HTTPS.

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Thanx Colin for the Torch light on my problem :) –  OM The Eternity Jun 18 '10 at 11:59

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