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is there a way to print out MySQL query for example from this line of code


I want to plan best way of using Django but with > 1 million of objects in my model this is getting too slow. Thanks

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Two options come to mind:

  1. You can view the raw SQL queries as described in the Django FAQ:

    Make sure your Django DEBUG setting is set to True. Then, just do this:

    >>> from django.db import connection
    >>> connection.queries
    [{'sql': 'SELECT polls_polls.id,polls_polls.question,polls_polls.pub_date FROM polls_polls', 'time': '0.002'}]
  2. You could also look at the debugsqlshell supplied as part of the Django Debug Toolbar package. This outputs the underlying SQL for each ORM call that results in a database query, for example:

    >>> from page.models import Page
    >>> ### Lookup and use resulting in an extra query...
    >>> p = Page.objects.get(pk=1)
    SELECT "page_page"."id",
           "page_page"."description" FROM "page_page" WHERE
    "page_page"."id" = 1
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