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I am extracting texts from OCRed Tiff files by using a library and dumping it in database. The text I am extracting are actually FORMS having fields like NAME,DOB,COUNTRY etc. Since OCR does not the difference between actual value and the label,it's just dumping all text. Now I have text in DB in following format:

Name: MyName Address: My Address


Now the next step is to extract values lile MyName and MyAddrss from the DB. The document types may varry hence a generic parser might not work.

What would you suggest to deal this situation? Should I write different parsers? may ANTLR can help me? if yes then how? Kindly guide me.

I am working on .NET

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by that mean that one document could be a "leave application form" while other could be 'Training Request' form. Both could have different fields –  Volatil3 Jun 18 '10 at 17:55

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